Get your BeautyFix + DISCOUNT!

Have you joined Well, if not, you should! It’s a website that allows you try out beauty products, based on your profile. Keep reading to find 0ut how you can join and a discount code! is an exclusive beauty club dedicated to matching you with the perfect products. Each season, a panel of beauty experts separates the winners from the losers and then suggests the best product matches based on your profile. Your product matches will be divided into 2 categories: Must-Haves and Panel Faves. Must-Haves are products the panel has picked specifically for you. Panel Faves are more of the panelists’ favorites that you pick yourself! You’ll never cry over a broken beauty heart again.

It gets even better, share your opinions and get a $25 gift card to! Once you have tried all your products log in and take two or more product surveys to earn your gift card.

The price is $49.99, each season. However, if you want to try out the Spring 2010 selection, then enter the promotion code, BFIX4 , to get $30 off. So, you would the Spring selection for ONLY $19.99 + FREE SHIPPING!

So, head over to, fill out the survey for your profile, pick out the items you want to try, enter the discount code, and wait for your products.

I can’t wait to receive my selection!

Stay Stylish!

**My membership fee was waived. So, i didn’t have to pay to join.

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