Glamour Puss- How to Create the Perfect Curls

If there is one look that screams Hollywood glamour it has to be gorgeous tumbling curls. From Madonna to Sarah Jessica Parker, curls have been very popular with celebs on the red carpet and what’s more the look is easy to achieve at home.

You don’t need loads of fancy styling tools; instead you can use you ghds to create gorgeous curls. The beautiful thing about ghd hair stylers is because they have a rounded barrel they can be used to create curls as well as straight hair.

In order to curl your hair you need to section it – the easiest way to do this is to use your finger to section of a line of hair and clip that out of the way. Then if you need to, further separate out your hair; the number of sections will depend on how thick your hair is.

Once you have separated your hair into sections you can need to spritz those sections with styling spray. Then place your ghd stylers at the roots of each section and simply rotate it 180 degrees, gliding it slowly through the hair. Once this has been done catch the curl and in order to increase the curl you can twist it round your finger. For a really natural look you can alternate the way you rotate the styler – either towards the head or away from it. If you only want to curl the bottom half of the hair simply smooth the GHDs through the top half of the hair and start the curling process wherever you want to.

If you want separated and dishevelled curls you can run your fingers through the curls once they have been styled. This will define the curls and make them loose and separated, and most of all natural.

Once you have your finished curls spray them with a finishing and fixing spray in order to hold them in place for gorgeous bouncy curls. What’s more, you will need only one easy hair styler; you don’t need to get a curling tong or another hair styling device but instead can create sexy curls with a ghd styler.

You can find more hairstyle tips online at the ghd website. They have a dedicated guide here where there are expert tips and tutorials on how to create the best looks.

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