Going Back To A Natural Deodorant

A couple of years ago, I experimented with natural deodorants. Although I found some that were “strong” enough for me, I eventually went back to ones I grew up using. However, after a recent bad reaction, I think I will use a natural deodorant for the rest of my life.

Going Back To A Natural Deodorant

FYI, a deodorant is mostly considered natural if it’s free of aluminum and parabans, which most everyday deodorants contain. Thankfully, we now live in a more advance and knowledgeable time when you can buy natural deodorants on the same aisle as the non-natural ones. Keep reading to see what exactly happened that had me make this decision. Also, I share my current collection of natural deodorants.

Last month, I ran out of my basic, go-to Secret deodorant. So, I ran to a local drugstore and after less than 2 minutes of scanning the rows of deodorants, I decided on a dry deodorant spray. Two days after incorporating it into my daily shower routine, I noticed a rash developing on the back of both of my arms. After one week of removing new products that I had recently added to my life and popping Benadryl, I realized it was my new deodorant. I’ve used natural deodorants in the past, but reverted back to the aluminum-filled ones. However, after this outbreak, I’m using natural deodorants from now and ever.

My favorite natural deodorant that I use is spray version by The Honest Company, but I believe it’s been discontinued. The only place I can find them at are TJ Maxx and other similar retailers, but I don’t see them as much now. So, whenever I run across them – I get them ALL! Most of them contain essential oils such as tea tree oil and lavender. These sprays last long and feel fresh and light.

One thing that deters most people from natural deodorants is that they are “strong” enough for their sweat. However, there are now more natural deodorants with stronger scents. One of my favorites is LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant in ‘Sporty Luxe’. I promise, when I initially smelled this deodorant, I had to read the ingredients to make this was a real natural deodorant. This deodorant smells so much like “real” deodorant and lasts pretty long.

I’m still loving my Tom’s of Maine deodorant in wild lavender. This is my nighttime deodorant, because it’s not overbearing and lavender helps me sleep. If not the Tom’s of Maine, I the unscented Crystal roll-on works at night, too.

Recently, I’ve been craving for warm weather and sunny days, because I’m over winter. So, when I really get those late spring and early summer cravings, I reach for the Schmidt’s natural deodorant in Bergamont + Lime. OMG! This deodorant smells like sipping margaritas poolside on a hot summer day. It smells so good and I want more!

Although, I know I have more than enough options, there are still some different brands I want to try. The next one that I definitely want to try is from Megababe. I see it Ulta all the time, but I’m sure I’ll get sooner than later.

Have you tried using a natural deodorant? Do you currently use one? If so, which one(s)?

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