Happy Birthday To Me v.36

Happy Birthday to Me! Today I’m overly happy to say I’m about to enter my 36th year of life. I love the beginning of anything, especially a new chapter of life.

Happy Birthday To Me v. 36

However, the past is the past and today marks a new chapter of my life.

My gift to myself this year to try to be the best version of myself and improve the quality of my life. I enjoyed 35, but I didn’t take good care of myself and it’s been hard to get back to it.

After reading my birthday post from last year, I’m a little annoyed that I really didn’t do anything that I planned. After pouting for a minute, I realized that I actually spent most of my year living each day. Embracing moments and being mindful has been an ongoing desire for me.

I’m still not one of those people that go all out for my birthday, but I did take today off. Actually, I’m taking tomorrow off as well. No big plans, I just have an overdue nail appointment and to finish binging Game of Thrones.

Now, I’m going to finish my free Birthday drink from Starbucks and start responding to these Facebook notifications that has my phone vibrating.

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