Happy Birthday to Me v.35

happy birthday to me v.35

Thirty-five years ago, a G was born and that G is me. Today is my birthday! As usual, I’m very happy to arrive at another year and I’m proud and happy to say that I turn 35 today. Man, time flies when you’re not paying attention.

First off, let me know say, I’m not one of those people that make a big spectacle out of their birthday, I can even recall a couple of years when I forgot that it was my birthday until someone called to wish me happy day. Yep. I’m that person. However, I’m am one that loves and appreciates life. I acknowledge how blessed I am that I get to see another year with no pressing health issues or stressful issues. #SoBlessed

When it comes to reflecting and assessing my life and upcoming year, like most people, I do that on January 1st. However, I think I want to start doing some type of assessment on my birthday, as well. I want to use my birthday as a check-in/ progress report. I feel like I’ve been coasting for the past 34 years, but I’m ready to increase the speed and I’m ready for any turbulence that I might experience along way.

I feel that 34 was the year that I focused on the inner me; what makes me tick and rediscovering myself in all aspects of my life. Although I haven’t been very consistent, this past year was the first time in a long time, maybe ever, that I tried to take better care of myself. Better late than never, right? I played around with various diets, fasts, lifestyle changes, and studied what foods that I needed to avoid all together. It became fun and interesting while I was experimenting with trying to develop a healthier lifestyle. In all honesty, I’ve never had a healthy lifestyle and I have the body to prove it. However, realizing that I didn’t get this way overnight so it wasn’t change overnight helped me a lot. Recently, while doing a 21-day discipline course, I learned that if you fall you have to get right back up immediately. Not the next day or after the weekend so you can indulge in your bad habits one more time, but right now…IMMEDIATELY. So true. Learning that it’s okay to fail as long as you get right back up was the best things that I’ve ever manifested into my life.

My career hasn’t been as secure as it’s been in the past few years and that’s mainly because I know it’s time for me to venture on to something else. However, I’m a little scared. My current salaried 9-5 givesd me a lot of freedom, including not having to clock in or out, the option to work from home if needed, and I can easily work on my own side hustles and blog posts while I’m at work. Hell, 99% of the posts on here have been written and edited while I’m at work. My computer is loaded with all the Adobe products I need to edit pictures and I don’t have to worry about anyone questioning me or peeping over my shoulders. Although, my job is very convenient for me, it’s not fulfilling. Unfortunately, I’ve been feeling this way for a couple of years now, but I finally feel like my back is getting closer and closer to wall and I need to make some changes…soon.

What’s does year 35 hold for me? As usual, I don’t know, because I didn’t expect 34 to as enlightening as it was. However, since 34 was the year I discovered myself, I think 35 is going to be the year of actions. I spent the majority of the past year learning and experimenting with what “works” for me and now, IT’S GO TIME! I’m so ready. This past weekend, I found myself finally writing down the plans for a project/business that I’ve been wanting to get rolling for years, but have been BSing (for a lack of better words) with putting it into motion. I never wrote down my plans and steps I needed to do to get the ball rolling, until a commercial break while watching HGTV on Saturday morning. Why that day and time after so many other days? Who knows, but at least it happened. Again, better late than never.

I declare that 35 is the year that I get s!*t done! Yep.




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