Stained Couture’s HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018 featuring gifts for FOR THE COOK on your list.

Holiday Gift Guide 2018 for the cook | STAINED COUTURE

The unofficial start of holiday shopping season, Black Friday, is literally just a few days away. Still trying to find a good gift for the cook on your list? Well, keep reading to see some of my favorite suggestions for the cook and/or baker on your list.

HOLDAU GIFT GUIDE 2018 | Prepara Roasting Laurel

The person who makes your favorite roasted chicken or turkey would love this Prepara Roasting Laurel. First of all, it’s pretty and functional, which adds some presentation points. However, it’s also good for faster and healthier cooking, because it keeps the food out of all the fatty drippings that can occur.

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018: Fat Separator Cup

Speaking of liquid fat, this OXO gravy fat separator cup makes it easy for any chef to make healthier gravies, soups, and sauces. Definitely one of those things you didn’t know you needed until you used it. I have one and it’s fabulous!

The aspiring cook on your list would love to receive this rotating spice rack with spices. It’s compact for a spice rack, easy to use, and loaded with the everyday spices (and then some) that a beginner would need.

The longtime cook on your list might appreciate a new gadget, such as this professional mandoline. This mandoline will have them slice, julienne, and/or waffle any fruit or vegetable to their heart’s desire.

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018 | Instant Pot Duo Plus

For the one who loves to cook, but doesn’t have much kitchen space to store many gadgets? Gift them when this amazing Instant Pot Duo Plus. However, this might look like a regular old pressure cooker, but this bad boy also sautes, slow cooks, and can even bake a cake. This programmable pot can make everything from soup, chili, and even perfectly cooked eggs. Fancy!

HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE 2018 | Patry Wheel Pie Crust Decorator

I have a baker on my list who is going to love this pastry wheel pie crust decorator. Creating those beautifully crafted edges on a pie can be time consuming to even the most advanced baker. This little gadget does all the hard, pressing finger work for them, which leaves more time to bake more pies. Everybody wins!

What’s a good gift you’re thinking about for the cook on your list? Share below.

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