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I feel like 2019  is the year that me, most of the country, and every brand in the world became interest in CBD products. Over the past year, I’ve tried a few CBD based products and I’ve been impressed. So much so, I decided to dedicate a holiday gift featuring nothing but CBD based products that would make awesome gifts. Keep reading to see some that I’ve tried or want to try, too.

A new gift that I’ve been loving to give and receive are bath soaks and salts. They are an easy way to give a luxurious feeling gift, LORD JONES was one of the first CBD brands that I can remember. The LORD JONES High CBD Bath Salts are amazing! I got a sample in a bag a few months ago and it was the most relaxing I ever had. The aroma that these bath salts give off smells calm and refreshing, which anyone would appreciate.

Wildflower Wellness Cool Stick has been my new favorite nightly product, which acts a CBD muscle relief. During my work day, there are times when I’m on my feet for an extended amount of time. Also, I’ve been trying to go to the gym more, which means my muscles have been hurting. At night, I rub this massage stick over my legs, lower back, and shoulders. It’s easy to apply, because it looks and applies like a stick of deodorant. It helps my muscles feel relaxed and I usually fall asleep within 30 minutes after applying. So, there’s that.

Despite my desire, I haven’t had much experience with body serums lately. Saint Jane Beauty has a CBD Body Serum that is high on my list. This body serum is formulated to help brighten the skin and make it more radiant. Not to mention, it smells like a blend of citrus and vanilla – sounds lovely!

One of the first reasons I started to try CBD products was to help with PMS. Dr. Kerlaan Natural CBD PMS cream is formulated to help with soothe the pains that come along with that monthly visitor. I’m sure a lot of you have girlfriend or female family member that would really appreciate receiving this as a gift.

Peter Thomas Roth Green Releaf (see what they did there) Therapeutic Sleep Mask is a wordy title, but sounds so dreamy. This not just a night cream, but also a sleep aid, because it contains cannabis sativa, topical melatonin, and colloid oatmeal. What a list of soothing sounding ingredients! This would make a great gift for some who lives for relaxing moments. This would be a great chaser for after soaking in the LD bath salts.

I can’t pass up a good face oil – AT ALL! I didn’t know that Kiehl’s has a Cannabis Sativa Face Oil. This oil is lightweight and good for calming down skin and acne-prone skin. I know what’s on my Christmas wishlist now. 🙂

Is there anyone of your Christmas list that would love to get CBD gifts? Share below!


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