How To Grow Your Brows

There will come a time in most women’s life when they need to grow out their brows. You might’ve experienced a bad wax or just want to change the shape, which I’ve had to do plenty of times. Actually, I’ve been obsessed with brows for years and have some tips on how to grow your brows.

Tips on how to grow your brows

So, if you’re at stage where you’re trying to grow your back or fuller, keep reading to see my tips.

How To Grow Your Brows: Brush Them Everyday

Brushing your brows everyday helps stimulate hair growth. Personally, I brush my brows at least twice a day; when doing my makeup in the morning and during my nighttime routine. You can use a spoolie or toothbrush to achieve this, but make sure the toothbrush is clean and never use it for your teeth. 🙂

How To Grow Your Brows: Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is known to encourage hair growth. Now, tea tree oil doesn’t help your hair grow back faster, but it helps hair grow thicker and longer. Add a couple of drops to a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or almond oil and massage it or brush it into your brows. The tea tree oil will help promote hair growth while the oil moisturizes and soften the hair and area. Also, be careful to avoid your eyes, because you don’t want tea tree oil in your eyes. #Ouch

How To Grow Your Brows: Don’t pluck

The more important thing you can do to grow your brows is also the hardest; DON’T PLUCK THEM! This applies to both brows, even if you’re only wanting to pluck one of them. Your eyebrows are on the same nerve and circulation system. When you pluck them, you can affect the growth production of the other hairs. So, it’s best if you just ignore both of them for now. I know it’s hard, but just think about how flawless and full your brows are going to be in the end.

Have any tips on how to grow your brows? Share them below!

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