Shmonday Night Survival Tips

It’s almost the weekend and I’m pretty stoked about that. However, once the weekend starts to wind down, some people develop a case of the Shmonday night blues.  In case you haven’t seen this word before, Shmonday is the moment on Sunday when you start realizing and that the next day is Monday. All of sudden, you started feeling depressed that your weekend is over and start stressing about the upcoming workday.

Shmonday Night Stained Couture

Actually, I’m one of those people that rarely get a case of “The Mondays” and I attribute that to my Shmonday nights. However, I used to get them all the time. I started to hate Sunday night more than Monday morning, because of the anxiety it caused me. After a while, I came up with ways to make my Sunday nights more enjoyable while not stressing about Mondays. Keep reading to see my tips on how to survive Shmonday night.

Surviving Shmonday: Tips and Suggestions

  1. No Alcohol or Caffeine – Alcohol will confuse you think that you’re ready for bed, but then keep you up. Caffeine is designed to keep you up. If you avoid both of these vices in the evening, you will fall asleep more natural and peaceful.
  2. Watch Stress-free TV show – Aside from the stress fest that is The Walking Dead, I either don’t watch TV or consume addictive reality TV shows or reruns of my favorite sitcoms from my youth. This helps my mind rest and not potentially overthink.
  3. Plan for the week – I will admit, this is my least favorite of the tips, because it makes me get a little anxious if I have a hectic week coming up. However, it not only prepares me, but validates that I need to clear my mind and get some rest. In return, I usually have a productive workday and week.
  4. Get Off Your Phone – I know, everyone says to do this, but hardly does. I can admit that it’s hard for me to give up my phone at night, too. Doing this helps removes unnecessary distractions and helps me wind down and be present and prepared.
  5. Stretch Your Body – For the past couple on months, I’ve been trying to do 10-15 minutes of stretching before I go to bed. Not only does it help work out some daily kinks in my body, but it also relaxes me. Check out these stretches, which are the ones I’ve been doing. Trust me, you’re going to feel great afterwards.
  6. Have a Set Bedtime – A consistent and set bedtime is one of the ultimate life hacks to have a great night of sleep, but it also helps kick start the next day. The human body tends to create a habit after doing something for 7 days straight. After a week, you will not fall asleep at the same time, but also wake up at the same time. No more oversleeping!

Do you get a case of Shmonday on Sunday nights, too?

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