Indoor Neon Signs

Neon lights are so cool, especially when incorporated indoors. Indoor neon signs and light can add a completely different vibe that’s chill, but also bright and fun. The use of neon lights as lighting options is very unexpected way to add some personality and interest to your living space.

I initially only thought that neon signs in the home would work primarily in the living rooms and bedrooms. However, I’ve seen some images of neon signs being used in dining rooms and even bathrooms that look amazing.

Personally, I would like a a neon signage with text. However, I’ve seen some simple designs and shapes that have peaked my interest. Currently, I would love to find a large sun neon sign to hang over the sofa in my living room and maybe some clouds and a couple of stars to hang over the bed in my bedroom.

I found some indoor neon signs for inspirations.

neon-lights-dining-area neon-light-hi-green-plant neon-sign-you-only-live-once





  • Anchor Neon Light -This is perfect if you’re looking to test the neon light look in your home. Very affordable and not too distracting.
  • ‘Love’ Neon Sign – You fit this into any room. Would work awesomely in a girly bedroom.
  • Neon Art Letters and Numbers – Create your own phrase. Personalization is always in style.
  • Peace Neon Sign – Another sign that you can anywhere. Wouldn’t this look so cool displayed next to a door? Peace out!


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