Inexpensive Wall Art Ideas to Style Your Space

There are so many elements to take in consideration when we’re trying to style our home. There are the foundational pieces, such as sofas, tables, and beds. However, my favorite part is the decorative items, such as pillows, plants, and wall decor. For the past couple of months, I’ve been obsessing over finding wall decor that not only fit my style, but my budget. Ugh, I could either find artwork that fit my style, but not my budget and vice versa. However, I eventually found some inexpensive wall art that fit both.

Inexpensive Wall Art Ideas | Stained Couture

Keep reading to see fabulous and affordable ways to add some wall art to your spaces.

Inexpensive Wall Art: Make Your Own

Art is so subjective, so you can be as abstract as you want. Even a few wide paint stroked with colors from your aesthetic could work. If you have good drawing skills, you might be able to duplicate a picture that you saw, but wasn’t able to squeeze it in your budget. A good friend of mine does that all the time and she only took a couple of art classes in high school.

However, if abstract isn’t you thing and you’re not comfortable with your replicating skills, you can try stencils. I created a few using a some stencils from a company called Stencil Revolution and they have so many options. They have hundreds of designs, which are also available in different sizes. Be warned, these stencils aren’t the little paper stencils we used in elementary art class. These stencils are laser cut a durable material that is reusable. If you have a design or idea for a picture, I’m pretty sure Stencil Revolution has something for you.

Inexpensive Wall Art: Digital Prints

I love big prints of photographs, but they can be a buzzkill to your wallet. Thankfully, you an find plenty of amazing and dope digital prints on Etsy for less than a cup of premium coffee. It’s really simple; you find a picture and size that you want, buy it, and the seller sends you the digital version. Afterwards, you can print it from your printer or take it a print shop to print for you. However, I usually recommend that you send to a photo center like at Walmart or Walgreens. Not only is it super convenient, but really affordable. For instance, Walgreens usually has 40% off digital prints, which means that you can get a beautiful large print for less than $10.

Inexpensive Wall Art: Home Good, TJ Maxx, and etc.

Unless you live under a boring gray rock or small town in the middle of nowhere, you should already know about the treasure trove of discount art gems you can find at stores like Home Goods. I know plenty of people who have found some of amazing pieces of art at TJ Maxx and even Ross Dress for Less for less than $50. Don’t get me wrong, the majority of the offerings might not be your style. However, once you look behind a few of those unwanted one, you will find some pretty amazing diamonds in a rough. When you do find one, get while you can, because once they’re gone, they’re gone.

What your favorite way to style your home on a budget? Share below!

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