Invasion of the Puffer Jackets

I have to admit, I’m feeling a little salty, because the weather hasn’t been consistently cold. On one day it’s unseasonable warm and I’m thinking about wearing sandals to work. However, the next day, I’m digging my combat boots and lightweight sweaters from the back of my closet. Not to mention, now that Halloween is dunzo, it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas around Memphis. My daily commute down Poplar features lamp poles with lighted snowflakes with Christmas music playing while my windows are down to catch the warm breeze. Just all types of wrong. Another thing that’s just wrong is my desire to finally get into puffer jackets.

puffer jackets main 2017

It’s been decades since I’ve had a legit puffer jacket and I’m not talking about those thin flimsy looking ones. I’m talking about the ones that are so plump, you look like you’re related to Michelin man. I’m already quite puffy, but that has yet to deter me from wanting a puffy looking jacket. Plus, there are too many cute and even nostalgic options to not at least consider getting one.

Simply Be Padded Jacket

Listen, if there is ever a moment when there is a cobalt blue option, I’m getting it in cobalt blue. This padded jacket from Simply Be is the move I planning to make to when it finally get cute, everyday puffy jacket season. If you’re not feeling the electric blue, there is a black option. I love semi-shiny look of this jacket and the chevron quilted pattern.

UNK x Topshop Chicago Bulls puffer jacket

Am I Chicago Bulls fan? No. However, do I want this puffer jacket, because it reminds me of my first Starter coat from the 90s? Yes! Actually, my first and only Starter jacket was a Chicago Bulls one, because Michael Jordan. Duh! This UNK x TopShop coat is not yet available, but I think it’s definitely worth stalking until it is.

black vinyl puffer jacket

In the meantime, this black vinyl hooded puffer jacket will have you re-enacting ever rap video from the early 90s. Oh, maybe that’s just me, but this jacket is all the right kinds of “dope” and “sick” throwback saying you can muster.

Another 90s rap video option is this boxy metallic puffer jacket from the Target x Who What Wear collab. What I love about this line is that almost all of the items are available in plus size as well, including this coat. Call Hype Williams and his fish eye lens so we can create some rap video nostalgic moments!

Swooning over this terra cotta puffer, which is more coat than jacket. However, the color is too chic and fall AF to not share it with you. There’s also a pretty olive option for your wearing pleasure, as well.

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