IOTW: ABH Liquid Eyeliner

Item of the Week: ABH Liquid Eyeliner

Item of the Week: ABH Liquid Eyeliner | STAINED COUTURE

Liquid eyeliner is my favorite eye product – no debate. Unfortunately, ever since I can’t seem to find my beloved L’oreal liquid liner, it’s been hard trying a replacement. There have been some hits here and there, but no real competition. However, I think I found a real contender in the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid liner. It’s the only liquid liner that I’ve been using for months and it hasn’t let me down at all. Keep reading to see why I’m all in with this ABH liquid liner.

First, let’s start with the pigment – she is pigmented. It’s been said that liquid liner isn’t ideal for older eyes. Well, for one, my eyes don’t really show my age. For two, I don’t care, because a good pigmented liquid liner makes my eyes pop. The black is the perfect dark, but not too dark liner. Too dark of a liner can look harsh on you, which no body wants.

As for the longevity through the day? Oh, she stays in place all day! This liquid liner is water-resistant and didn’t even budge during a mini breakdown, because FedEx put one of my deliveries on the wrong truck. So, yeah, this liner stays put all day and removes easily with a gentle oil cleanser.

I love the felt tip on the liner, because it helps the liner glide on easily and precisely.

My eyes are very sensitive, especially my left eye. However, I’ve yet to experience any irritation when wearing it. So, that sealed the deal that I will be buying this liquid eyeliner for many years to come.

You can find the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid liner at more ABH retailers and retails for $18.

Have you tried the ABH liquid eyeliner? If so, thoughts?

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