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When it comes to finding a concealer for my skin, it can be kind of tricky. Sure, I’ve been able to find and fawn over countless under eye concealers. Unfortunately, finding a concealer to help cover my hyperpigmentation and other skin blemishes has been a little tedious. I either can find a concealer that has great pigmentation, but makes my skin looks dry. Also, I’ve found concealers that look great on my skin, but it doesn’t last or the pigmentation was trash.

However, I believe that I’ve met the concealer that meets my needs and dreams. Keep reading to find out all the reasons that Bare Mineral bareSkin concealer is the latest addition to my make-up routine.

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying and loving a few products from Bare Minerals, which led me to try one of their concealers. Although they offer a few concealers with different formulas and needs, I felt bareSkin was the. I loved the fluidity of this concealer and the coverage.

The formula is very liquid-y, which usually doesn’t equate to “high coverage”. However, this concealer gives really good coverage and can easily blend into the skin.

Another thing that made me lean toward this concealer is formulated with an anti-aging serum. Although I bought this formula to help with the hyperpigmentation on my cheeks, it’s more of an under eye concealer. The anti-aging serum helps keep the skin hydrated and smooth. Since I love this concealer so much, I plan to find a shade for my under eye area.

The only issue that I have with this concealer is the color range. They only offer 6 shades from fair to deep dark (the shade I use), which a decent range exclusive for under eyes. However, it wold be nice to increase the range for those of us that love to use it as a regular concealer. Hopefully, they will catch on how awesome this concealer can be all over.

You can purchase this concealer at and retailers that carry Bare Minerals. I bought mine from Sephora, FYI.

Have you tried the bareSkin concealer? If so, share your thoughts below!

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