IOTW: Essie Gel-Setter Topcoat

ITEM OF THE WEEK is a weekly series on Stained Couture that highlights a product we’re currently loving. This week: Essie Gel-Setter Top Coat

cheap full lace wigsAfter getting acrylics on my nails, despite me knowing my nails hate it, I’ve had to take a break. My cuticle go dry and cracked and my nails became paper thin. So. I’ve had to take a break from my monthly gel manicures to help my nails heal and get stronger. Other than using the right products for healthy nails, it’s best to leave the nails alone to help them heal.

So, I’ve opted to give myself at-homie manicures to help my nails get stronger, as well as my wallet. While looking for products to help my basic manicures looks salon quality, I stumbled across one of the best topcoats I’ve ever used. Keep reading to see the best nail product I’ve recently bought and for under $10.

In my eyes, there’s just something so satisfying about a fresh and shiny gel manicure. However, getting a new manicure can add up and blow your budget. Enter Essie Gel-setter Top Coat, which can make even the dullest polish look glossy. Literally everyone who complimented me on my Barbie pink nails thought it was a gel manicure. The look of shock that washed over their face when I said that it wasn’t a gel polish, but just a top coat I picked up from Walgreens was great.

Also, this topcoat kept my polish in tact for days. Unlike most drugstore topcoats that I’ve used, this one kept my nails looking like they were fresh out the shop for almost 2 weeks. Keep in mind, they didn’t chip while washing dishes, during my intense shower routines, nor while styling my thick, curly hair. This is a winner!

I picked my bottle up at Walgreens, but I’m sure it’s available at most retailers that carry Essie products. However, you can also order it from

Have you tried Gel-Setter? If so, did you like it?

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