IOTW: Muji Cotton Pads

ITEM OF THE WEEK is a weekly series on Stained Couture that highlights a product I’m currently loving. This week: Muji Cotton Pads.


Item of the Week is back! This week, it’s all about these Muji cotton pads. What’s so special about cotton pads? Well, keep reading to see why these Muji Pads are the Item of the Week.

First off, I didn’t just stumble across these cotton pads. I first heard about these pads reading an article about the best cotton rounds and pads. Sounds boring, but it was actually quite interesting. However, it wasn’t until saw someone use them to make their own sheet masks that made me put them in my Amazon cart.

When I first opened them, I didn’t realize that they would be that “thick”. However, their thickness is more fluffy than heavy. I was intimidated, but I learned to love them after experimenting with them. You can use these pads to apply toners and essences, but I would stick to regular cottons balls or rounds for those task. Instead, I recommend using these pads for spot treatments and D.I.Y sheet masks.

So, how does one make a sheet mask with a cotton pad? These aren’t you’re everyday cotton pads, because these pads are layered. You take one of your favorite serums and pour it on ONE of these cotton pads. Allow the serum to soak through the pad and then gently pull one layer off at a time and apply it on your skin and repeat. It’s so easy and quite soothing. Not to mention, you can selective masking. If you combination skin, like me, you can put a pad soaked with a mattifying serum on the oily areas and hydrating ones on normal/dry areas.

I recently bought a new toner to help fade dark spots and have been soaking a pad with this toner. Instead of wiping the soaked pad on my face, I put layers on the hyperpigmented areas. In let them stay there for 2-5 minutes and then finish the rest of my skincare routine. Since I just bough this toner, I can’t give my input on it for now. However, I love this trick and helps me target the toner to areas that need it.


How cool is it that you can use these Muji Cotton Pads to make your own sheet mask?

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