IOTW: Olay Gentle Foaming Cleanser

ITEM OF THE WEEK is a weekly series on Stained Couture that highlights a product I’m currently loving. This week: Olay Gentle Foaming Cleanser

ITEM OF THE WEEK: Olay Gentle Foaming Cleanser

Every summer, the one skincare product that I have to have in my nightly skincare routine is foaming cleanser. Foaming cleansers are great for oily skin, which is my skin type in the summer.

Recently, I stopped by a local drugstore after work, becausenI needed a new foaming face wash. After contemplating a few options, I decided to give  my money and chance to Olay’s Gentle Foaming Cleanser. I’m so glad I did, because it’s just what I needed. Keep reading to see why I’ve been using and loving this face cleanser.

Foaming cleansers help clean your face without over-drying your skin, which is clutch for oily skin. This foaming cleanser from Olay does an amazing job to make my face feel thoroughly cleaned and refreshed.

You use it by wetting your face and hands, then you pump a little in your hands. Add a little water and rub it in to create a foam, which you apply to your face. What I really love about this cleanser is it’s consistency, because it’s creamy and not too foamy.

I use this cleanser as the final step in my double cleanse routine, because helps my skin feel refreshed. I tend to only use this cleanser at night, but it’s gentle enough to use twice a day.

The cherry on top is that this cleanser is super accessible and affordable. The Olay Gentle Foaming Cleanser is available at most Olay retailers cost around $6.

Do you keep a gentle foaming cleanser in your skincare collection? Share below!

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