IOTW: Pumpkin Seed Oil for Hair and Skin

ITEM OF THE WEEK is a weekly series on Stained Couture that highlights a product I’m currently loving. This week: Pumpkin Seed Oil for hair and skin.


Discovering a new skin oil is a highlight for me every fall and winter. This year, my oil of choice is Shea Moisture’s Pumpkin Seed Oil. I didn’t know pumpkin seed oil was a thing, but it’s very appropriate for the season. Am I right?! Keep reading for the basic details on how and why I’ve been loving my latest skin oil.

When I initially picked up this bottle, what sold me on giving it a try is the “renewal from head to toe”. Products that I can use all over are some of my favs, because they are perfect for this lazy girl beauty moments.

Although, this is pure, 100% pumpkin oil, I didn’t want to try it on my face first. So, I decided to first use it on my hair. One of the main benefits for pumpkin seed oil for hair is that it can help hair retain moisture. I used it as a nightly scalp oil treatment and combined it with a few drops if peppermint oil. Ya’ll – this combination made my scalp feel so refreshed and moisturized. It wasn’t heavy at all and I even noticed less product build-up after a few days. Also, at night, I massage a few drops on my ends – after applying a hair moisturizer.

Once I felt confident to use it on my face, I used it at night to seal in my serums. I squeeze a couple of drops in my hands and then massage it on my face. My skin sucks this oil immediately without it leaving an oily feel or look. I top it with one of my regular night creams, which are a little heavier. After the first night, I woke up to supple and glowy skin. Now that the temperatures are a little cooler in the morning, I massage a drop on my skin in the morning, which helps keep my skin soft and makeup a little more dewy. Win win.

You can pick up Shea Moisture Pumpkin Seed Oil online or at most Shea Moisture retailers.

Have you tried pumpkin seed oil for hair or skin? If so, share below.

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