It Cosmetics Under Eye Concealers Comparison

it cosmetics under eye concealers comparison

In 2016, I really fell in love with It Cosmetics under eye concealers, including the Bye Bye Under Eye concealer. Actually, the Bye Bye Under Eye concealer was one of my favorite products from 2016. Therefore, a friend decided to gift me with It! Cosmetics CC+ Eye Color Correcting Cream Concealer. I initially assumed they were the same product with one or two different uses. However, after having used both, I noticed that are some similarities and differences. Keep reading to see what I found out.

The Similarities

Although both concealers are different, they do have some similarities. One of the similarities is that both formulas having anti-aging benefits to give a youthful look to your under eye area. They both provide full coverage to the , which is great for covering dark circles. So, if you are looking for a under eye concealer to cover dark under area, you will get that from either concealer.

The Differences

it cosmetics under eye concealers tubes

After trying both of these concealers for an extended amount of time, I realized that there are a number of differences. The first obvious difference is the dispenser. The Bye Bye Under Eye concealer comes in a squeezable tube that dispenses the concealer in a very small tip. However, the CC+ Eye cream comes in a tube, but there is a metal cooling tip. The metal cooling tip helps to soothe and reduce puffiness in the under eye area while applying the concealer.

Another noticeable difference is the number of color options available. The Bye Bye Under Eye concealer is available in 4 colors, whereas the CC+ concealer is available in 5. The extra shade is very light option.

it cosmetics under eye concealers swatches

The next thing I noticed is that the shades, weren’t the same color. Well, my shades weren’t the same color. I got both concealers in tan, but the Bye Bye Under Eye is little lighter than the CC+ f0rmula. I’m not sure why, but it’s probably due to the difference in formulas.

Yes, the formulas! Although both concealers are full-coverage and great for anti-aging, one is just packed with way more. The Bye Bye Under Eye is hyper pigmented and the consistency feels kind of tacky, but I believe that’s what helps stay in place all day without creasing. The CC+ concealer is very creamy, but it’s easy to blend.

Unlike the ByeB ye Under Eye concealer, the CC+ concealer is also a treatment that helps to brighten the under eye and protects your under eye area thanks to the SPF 50 in the formula. However, sunscreen is only one of the 7 benefits of this concealer. The CC+ Eye Concealer is a 7 – in – 1 product that is an anti-aging serum, moisturizing eye cream, eye brightening serum, skin perfecting primer, color corrector, SPF 50 physical only sunscreen, and full coverage concealer! Not to mention, it’s so hydrating, which would explain the creamy consistency.

The End

To be honest, you can’t go wrong with either option if you are looking for an under eye cream that’s full-coverage. The Bye Bye Under Eye concealer is a great concealer for everyone looking to conceal any under eye discoloration. However, if you want a full-coverage concealer that also brightens and treats the dark circles under your eyes, you will appreciate all the things that the CC+ Eye Concealer can do for you.

However, for an extra flawless look, you can wear them both together. This combination came in clutch for those first few days after the holiday season. Also, since the Bye Bye Under Eye is a little thick and blendable, it’s great to conceal pimples and hyperpigmentation on other areas of your face, too.


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