Applying Face Masks – I’ve Been Doing It Wrong

Have you ever tried something different after doing it one for years? Maybe even decades? Then after trying the new way of doing it, you realize that  you’ve pretty much being doing it wrong the whole time. All that time you thought you were excelling at that aspect of life only to realize you were half-stepping. Well, that’s how I felt when I started applying face masks with face brushes and skin spatulas.

Applying Face Masks with Brushes | STAINED COUTURE

When getting professional facial or skin treatment, it’s common for the aesthetician to apply all their fancy creams and concoctions with different applicators. However, I never thought to do the same at home. Instead, I’ve been using my God-given fingers to dig out masks and slather them on my face like an animal. However, since I’ve started to use face brushes to apply my face masks, I can’t picture myself ever going back.

My sister’s BFF got me a face mask gift set for Christmas last year. The set featured 4 little jars of face mask and a silicon tip spatula to apply them. Unfortunately, the masks were trash, but the applicator was a life changer. I mainly use the spatula to apply my thicker face masks, such as clay masks for oily skin. Using the spatula helps me to apply the mask evenly and/or on targeted areas when multi-masking.

After playing around with the face spatula and some of my other face masks, I realized it’s not great for all face masks. For example, it doesn’t hold liquid-y face masks that well, such as gel masks. So, I had an “aha” moment when I realized that I could use one of the many face brushes that I don’t use. I opted to use an E.L.F flat angled foundation brush, which is dense and good to hold liquids. The fact the brush is angled also made it great for precision application.

Personally, I think you can get away with buying regular makeup brushes to use exclusively to apply skincare products. However, there are skincare brushes available that are designed to apply specific skincare products. Sigma Beauty actually has a set of skincare brushes that includes a brush to apply heavy mask, serums, and moisturizers. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that you can buy the brushes individually. However, I’m sure a quick Amazon search will help you to at least find a good spatula brush.

Have you been applying face masks wrong or do you apply them with brushes?

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