All The Jelly Makeup I Want To Try for Fall

Despite the heat this summer, I spent some time playing around with all the makeup that’s been cluttered on my desk. It was fun to break out from my comfort of foundation, liquid liner, and nuetral lip. It also made me want to experiment more with makeup. However, not with just different products and color, but also textures like jelly makeup.

Jelly Makeup for Fall | STAINED COUTURE

Jelly makeup is mainly products that have a gel, putty like consistency. Sounds intriguing, right?! Well, I shared a few gel-like products that I want to try that have a jelly like consistency.

This summer, I played around with eye shadows despite the heat-inducing sweat. Although I did do a very multi colored, creased, and blended looks, I was more into the single color looks. Applying one or two washes of a fun, bright color was easy and refreshing.

Colourpop Jelly Much Eye Shadows | STAINED COUTURE

Colourpop has been getting a lot of my money recently thanks to their awesome lip glosses and collabs. The latest offering from them are their Jelly Much Shadows, which comes in 8 different colors. With one swipe, they give you a highly pigmented rush of color on your lids. Plus, there’s no fall out and zero creasing. I want to try ALL the colors, because they look so freaking pretty. However, I want to try it in Foxes first, because it’s the perfect fall color of a metallic gold amber.

Revlon Glow Gelee Highlighters | STAINED COUTURE

For the most part, I have combination/ oily skin and I shudder at the thought of putting anything “jelly” on my face. I just think of gooey, sticky mixing in with the natural oil of my skin, which doesn’t sound pleasing. Still, this Revlon Glow Gelee highlighter has been on my radar for a while. This highlighter comes in Venus Glow, which is a soft, pinkish that’s complimentary to cooler pale skin. The other color available in this highlighter is Moon Glow, which is a subtly orange, bronze color that seems to compliment tan to darker skin.

I live for a good lip and cheek stain and I was super shocked to find out that PUR has gel-like cheek stain. I’ve tried and loved using PUR skincare products in the past and now want to try their cosmetics. First of all, this berry color in Prosecco is my ideal shade for fall winter. Also, I love the packing with the gel-like stain on one end with the brush on to other end. I’ve tried gel cheek products in the past and I hate having to blend it in with my fingers, because I couldn’t find a brush that would do it right. I assume this brush is ideal to use to get the job done.

Have you tried any good gel or jelly makeup products recently? If so, share below!

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