Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

last minute halloween makeup ideas

With Halloween being only a few days away, the window to coming up with a costume is quickly closing. However, I’m not one that’s into the whole extravagant costumes and over-the-top make-up. I prefer to keep it simple by trying to come up with a costume with things that I already have. One thing that I have a lot of make-up and I do mean a lot. So, I’ve been looking at some last minute Halloween makeup tutorials on Youtube that I can create using my makeup and can pair with simple clothing items.

I still haven’t picked one, but here are the ones I’m leaning toward that I call for nothing than a ton of makeup. This could get messy, but fun!

One of the easiest Halloween looks you can create with nothing more than an eyeliner is a cat face. This tutorial shows you just how fast and easy and easy it is to create. Once you perfect it, you can grab a pair cat ears from any drugstore to complete the look.

Want something a little more creative? You should try to do a pop art face. This tutorial makes it pretty simple. You really don’t have to wear anything different unless you want to really retro with a 50s style dress.

This werewolf tutorial isn’t super fast, but it is pretty cool and simple. It’s all in the brows.

One of the cutest filters on SnapChat is the deer and this tutorial nails it. Complete the look with an all brown outfit.

If you want something a little more glamorous, try creating this Cleopatra look. Just make sure you have enough black liner within reach.

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