Last Minute Weekend Getaway Bag

weekend getaway bag

Despite my desires, I’m not much of a spontaneous person. I love normalcy. I’m very pleased that my body, almost like clockwork, wakes me up everyday at the same time (usually 5:30ish). I also try to be in bed every night before 10pm. The way some people get annoyed when someone wakes them from their sleep is the same way I feel when someone interferes with my schedule; annoyed.

However, one spontaneous thing that I’m always down for is a quick weekend getaway that usually involves a couple of close girlfriends, a fancy hotel not too far away, and impromptu fun. So much so, over the years, I’ve been able to streamline the perfect weekend getaway bag.

Most weekend getaways happen in the spring and summer and fortunately don’t call for many things or heavy items. So, almost everything can be perfectly rolled and slipped into a large duffel bag. My personal style is very classic and muted with neutral colors and versatile pieces, but still it can very hard. I once seriously had a 5 minute internal debate on if I should pack my white v-neck tee or my white crew neck tee. Hard decisions, I tell ya!

Colors and neck fits aside, the ingredients for the perfect last minute getaway bag are simple and easy to toss in and out your bag along with the usual suspects of sunscreen, bathing suit, and tees. Keep reading to see key essential to pack into your next weekend getaway bag.


weekend getaway bag

Weekender Bag – When traveling, especially when by plane, it’s best to select luggage that very distinctive to easily spot on a turn belt full of boring, black bags. Even if you’re just taking quick road trip with friends, it still doesn’t hurt to have colorful bag. This weekender bag from Splendid is roomy, cute, and full of many outer compartments to hold everything else you thought you might need. Plus, the strap is adjustable. Trust me, that’s important.

Relaxed Jeans – Every packed suitcase needs a pair or jeans. In the case of weekend getaways, definitely pack a pair relaxed fit denim that’s comfortable enough to do a little sightseeing or hang around the hotel lobby sucking up free wi-fi. No judging. These H&M girlfriend jeans are the perfect ease of jeans, but with a slightly feminine fit of not too tight or too loose.

Comfy Sneakers – I mean who wants to go walking around and exploring a day time vibes of a new city in just heels? Well, I know some people would, but your feet will love you more if you get your tourism on in a pair of sneakers, like Nike Tajun. Sleek, comfortable, and available in multiple colors!

Simple Nude Sandals – A pair of simple nude sandals will tastefully take over many spring and summer days in your life. Tossing a pair into your getaway bag will make those day-to-night moments effortless.

Minimalist Jewelry – Nothing too glitzy of embellished. Simple gold and or silver pieces that are easy to slide on and off or stack for a little more “sparkle”. A simple cuff bracelet and thin Y necklace that can be dressed up and down are versatile and easy to pull off with any look.

Light Jacket – For those chilly nights/moments, it’s a wise idea to pack a casual and chic lightweight jacket, such as this lapel jacket from Zara. Clean lines and soft colors always look chic.

Day-to-Night Dress – One of the clothing items I tend to buy more of the summer are light dresses that can easily transition from day to night when paired with a strappy sandal and a couple of extra pieces of jewelry. I love the vibe of this strappy minimalist dress from TopShop, which can easily be styled casually or fancy.

Convertible Bag – All for the sake of enjoying your quick little getaway, the less things you have to worry about toting around, the better. So, a chic little convertible purse is ideal. This bag from Tory Burch is small, cute, and versatile. You can carry wear it over your shoulder, as a crossbody or even around your waist fanny pack style.

If you can think of anything thing else to help streamline the packing a quick weekend getaway bag, please share below.

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