LINK-END ROUND-UP: February 10, 2023

LINK-END ROUND-UP: February 3, 2023


Happy Friday, friends! How was your week? My week was very much giving “Is Mercury in Retrograde?!”, because I was filled with unexplained anxiety one day then anxiousness the next. Not to mention, there were so many things that did not go according to plan. On the work front, we were expecting 2 different shade of one of our products – both have been out of stock and in demand for months now. Unfortunately, they sent one of the wrong shades and now we have to tell customers that the delay for this shade has been extended.

On the personal front, I ordered the FENTY t-shirt that I mentioned in this month’s Lust-Have List. Unfortunately, the company that they shipped it with has horrible drivers and are lazy. For the last 2 days, the driver said they couldn’t deliver it even though I came to work 30 minutes early to make sure someone was here. Also, my desk is in front of the window and I can see if anyone is coming this way. If it doesn’t come today, I will be raising hell on socials all weekend.

Speaking of this weekend; it’s Superbowl weekend! I’m extra excited because my Eagles are playing this weekend. Actually, I’m a little more nervous than excited, but at least we made it to big game. I decided that I’m going to place an order for Wing Stop and watch and stress over the game at-home alone. Sorry, but I can’t deal with in-person trash talking and ruin my wings. lol

So, here’s to a weekend of wings and wins. GO BIRDS!!!

LINK-END ROUND-UP: February 10, 2023

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