LINK-END ROUND-UP: February 9, 2018

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Link-End Round-Up February 09, 2018

So glad that it’s Friday, because this has been a hectic week; personally and professionally. Not to mention, I only worked 4 days this week, which actually caused some of the hectic vibes. So, this weekend, I’m planning to take great big sigh and work on some fun and creative things that I’ve been conjuring up amongst this busy week. Also, today is National Pizza Day. So, I’m kicking it off this evening by ordering some pizza, pairing it with the my favorite cheap bottle of red wine, and watching the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

I also need to use this weekend to mentally regroup, because I have non-work related events and appointments almost everyday next week. Sure, a couple of these events include my long overdue nail appointment and a girl’s night out, but they’re still plans.

Also, I’m shamelessly patting myself on the back for actually working and sticking to my creating my mindful habits I shared earlier this week. The other night, I actually felt kind of therapeutic and calm while washing my dishes. Maybe it was because the only thing on my mind at that moment was making sure I washed every single dirty dish in my home and clean the rest of the kitchen. Afterwards, having a lemon fresh scented kitchen without any clutter in sight was the cherry on top. I think I’m starting to look forward to cleaning the kitchen every night and I might throw the bathroom in to really get it popping. WHO AM I?!

Well, here’s to a lovely weekend and productive upcoming week. See ya next week!

LINK-END ROUND-UP: February 9, 2018

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