LINK-END ROUND-UP: January 4, 2019

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Happy New Year, Boo! How was your first week of 2019? Still writing and/or typing 2018? Me, too!

Earlier this week, I was happy to go back to work just for the sake of normality. However, late Tuesday afternoon, it started to sink in that I wouldn’t be able to lounge around my house. Instead I would have to go back to work and answer emails while sipping on subpar free office coffee. Not to mention, it was happening in the middle of the week. So, it wasn’t going to be completely normal. By 8 pm, I was dreading having to go back to work on Wednesday. I did go back and I wasn’t ready.

Another thing I wasn’t ready for this week was preparing for the new year. I legit just woke up in a new year without much intention. I was going to do my annual “Hey 2019” post, but decided not to in the end. In the post, I share a few things I want to work on in the new, but this year I only had one thing I want to work on; ME. I’m notorious for being the one that people call when they need help, because if I can help, I help. It’s a characteristic that I inherited from my mom.

However, trying to always be there for others means that I can’t always be there for myself. On New Year’s Eve, the straw broke this camel’s back and I’m over so much stuff. I’m putting my best interests at mind. Before I could agree to work on me, I had to remove the whole “selfish” mindset. Doing what’s best for you is not always selfish; it’s mental care.

So, for 2019, I’m going to work on doing things that I enjoy, letting people know that my “No.” means NO. Also, like most people, I plan to take better care of myself, which includes cooking more, cutting back on bad vices, and moving my body more. PLOT TWIST: When you take care of yourself first, then you be better at helping others.

Here’s to better year than before! Enjoy this week’s Link-End Round-Up!

LINK-END ROUND-UP: January 4, 2019

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