LINK-END ROUND-UP: June 2, 2017

Stained Couture’s weekly series, Link-End Round-Up, features interesting reads I read around the internet this week.

link-end round-up

The first Link-End Round-Up of June! Let’s get started.

Maybe I say or feel like this at the end of each week, but this week was all over the place. First off, Memphis got hit a major thunderstorm that left 100,000s of people without power. Luckily, me nor my immediately family experienced outages of property damage from all of the fallen trees. Unfortunately, there are still thousands without power almost a week later and I continue to pray that their power gets restored soon.

At the end of last week, before the storm, there was a mini shake-up at work. I’m very fortunate to say that my office’s work environment is very lax and we usually can come and go as we please. Well, used to be able, because the boss has cracked down on people leaving earlier. My work hours were 9-6. However, on most days, I need to leave work around 5. So, I changed my schedule to 8-5, which I don’t mind since I am an early bird. I will admit that the whole situation didn’t sit right with me all weekend, but I got over it. I’m still trying to adjust my body to be ready to work at 8 and I’m doing good for the most part.

Another thing that I started to do this week is to make my own coffee at home instead of buying a cup on the way. This not only helps me save money, but also to not waste all the coffee I have at home. I didn’t realize I had so much coffee at home. However, I’ve been making my own coffee all week and I’m proud of myself, but I noticed a change in my sleep. I’ve been having some restless nights, but didn’t know until yesterday. I’ve been adding sugar to my coffee, which is something I don’t do when pick up coffee at the drive-thru. If that wasn’t enough, I’ve also been using half and half instead of sugar-free almond milk. Who did I think I was? Anyway, I’m back to coffee, no sugar and almond milk only. Hopefully, this will help with my sleep.

Speaking of coffee, this weekend, I plan to set up shop in a local coffee shop and work on something related to Stained Couture that I’ve been putting off for over a year at this point. I didn’t realize it had been that long. If everything goes according to plan, I will have a long overdue announcement on Monday. I want to give a hint so bad, but I also don’t want to set myself up. Typical me.

Here’s to an amazing and safe weekend!

LINK-END ROUND-UP: June 2, 2017

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