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One of my least favorite things about late fall, aside from having to get in the holiday spirit, is the dropping temps. Don’t get me wrong, I despise being hot, but being cold is not my favorite jam either. Like with most seasonal changes, I have to change my skincare routines. However, changing your skincare products from warm climate to cold climates can be very drastic. For example, you have to switch from light lotions of summer to heavier creams to combat cold, dry weather. Another thing you have to do is pay extra attention to your lips. Of course, you hydrate you lips all year (right?!), but you have to give as little more TLC in the colder months. You don’t want to be caught with dry flaky lips EVER!

Lips Products for Dry Flaky Lips | STAINED COUTURE

Personally, I have an intense obsession with making sure my lips are never dry and crusty. However, there have a been a few times when I found myself creepily pulling dry skin off my lip. In hindsight, I’m actually super appreciative of this moments, because they caused me to have to find a product to stop and/or prevent it from ever happening again. I have a quite few favorite lip treatment, but keeping reading to see the ones I think I’ll be reaching for the most during the next few cold, dry months.

You should be exfoliating your lips on the regular. If you have dry skin and lips, you should be gently exfoliating everyday. One easy and super inexpensive way to exfoliate your lips with a clean, wet toothbrush. Brush your lips with the wet toothbrush in a circular motion; less than 30 seconds. However, it the toothbrush isn’t your “thing”, there are countless lip scrubs out there. My current fav is Revlon’s Exfoliating Lip Balm, which exfoliates and softens my lips. Since it is a balm, it helps to moisturize them, too. Cherry on top – the sugar mint scents smells like cool mint! I use this lip treatment every night in my skincare routine and hasn’t irritated my lips at all.

A good everyday lip moisture is Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balms. A couple of years ago, a noticed that a few different skincare and makeup artist say that this is there favorite lip balm. So, I tried it and love it! It’s not too heavy, easily melts into your lips, and keeps my lips feeling soft all day. They come in so many scents, but I love minty scent lip products.

So, your already have dry flaky lips and/or peeling lips? Well, it’s time to break out the big, heavy boys. Vaseline is known for their iconic tubs of petroleum jelly, but they also serve up some amazing products for dry lips. My personal favorite from Vaseline is Lip Therapy in Rosy Lips, because it helps heal and soften dry lips. You can get this product in the original, aloe, and cocoa butter, but I love it rosy lips for a natural looking bitten lip.

I can’t and will never be able to NOT worship Aquaphor products. You can get this healing ointment in various sizes, including small tube sizes. There’s also a lip repair version that makes it easier to apply to your lips. I love options in all sizes! 😀

What’s your favorite product for dry flaky lips? Share below!

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