Loft Space Essentials

As a little girl, I dreamed about moving to a big city, working in a fabulous creative career, and returning every night to posh studio apartment. Well, that dream deferred a long time ago. However, later this year, I might be moving and I’m thinking about moving into a studio or loft space. Since it’s just me, why not try to live out part of my childhood dream. Plus, I would love to decorate a loft to create a live and work space that’s Pinterest worthy. First things first, what are major loft space essentials that I would need.

loft space essentials

Although the list could be long, I think I have an idea on the basics I would want and need. Keep reading to see the list.

This weekend, I finally bought a new room sized rug for my living room. I got it at an amazing to-good-to-be-true price and it instantly gave the room the illusion of more space. The look of more space is vital in a small loft space. Since most lofts are just bare rooms with no real defined areas, adding a rug will define spaces. The more ways you can define space and areas, the better.

All homes, including lofts, need some form of artwork on the walls. Artwork is an easy way to add color and personality to your space. You can do a gallery style wall or my personal favorite; a large abstract piece.

Most loft have a designated sleep space from the living space. However, sometimes, guests can still see that space. So, invest in new bed that presents well and is comfortable. Like I’ve mentioned before, mattress shopping is so much easier and inexpensive to do now, even from the comforts of your old bed. 🙂 Also, I suggest that you also invest in having some nice quality pillows. You can’t put thin, lifeless pillows on a new plush bed. Well, you can, but it won’t look cute.

You have to be creative with the pieces you put in your loft space, because of the lack of space. Therefore, furniture that’s multipurpose and can be used for various things will help you out. One easy piece is an ottoman, which can you can use as a table or extra seating for guest. Also, a cubed bookcase can be used for storage, help separate and define spaces, and is an easy design element.

I don’t feel a room is complete unless it has some form of a living plant in it. There are many benefits to having plants in your space, such as keeping temperatures down and increase oxygen levels. Those benefits will come in handy for small spaces, like lofts.

Finally, candles! Why would candles be on a list for loft space essentials. Well, let’s be real, every home needs candles. However, candles in loft spaces helps to fragrance the space without the need to light them. This is especially true with high-quality candles that are very potent. Love those!

So, to recap, if you are looking to style your your loft space or studio, keep this list of essentials in mind.

loft space essentials


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