LUST-HAVE LIST: December 2018

Stained Couture’s monthly series, Lust-Have List, features items I’m wanting this month.


Here we go! The final Lust-Have list of 2018!

Some people tend to feel a little pressured at the beginning of December. Usually, because there’s a mad dash feeling of having to deal with final touched of holiday stuff, meeting goals, and getting prepared for a new year. I’m usually that person, but not this year. Although I’ve barely touched my shopping list and still haven’t found a new place to move, I feel very calm. I guess because I know that I will finish my Christmas shopping on time and find the right place for me at the right time. There’s no need to stress. At some point, you have realize that everything works itself out in the end. You just have to keep doing what you’re doing for the good of the fight.

Well, that was quick Word that I wasn’t planning on sharing, but I guess someone needed to hear that at this moment.

Back to what I want this month. I’ve been walking this tightrope of wanting to step my game up and getting out of my comfort level. However, I also love being cozy and comfortable. So, the things I want this month are a mixture of both. Keep reading to see the things I want to keep straddling the fence.

LUST-HAVE LIST: December 2018

  • Face Halo Makeup Remover Pads – I occasionally get suckered into wanting something I saw on Instagram. The latest thing that sucker punched me while scrolling are these Face Halo makeup remover wipes. I recently stopped using face wipes, but I miss the ease of using wipes and being done. For these, all you have to do is add water to the pad and use it to wipe the makeup off your face. I’ve watched a few videos of these bad boys in action and they seem to do a better job than most wipes. You still need to double cleanse your face, though.
  • Glitter Poppy Moc Slippers – Moccasin slippers are my favorite form of slippers, because they don’t look too much like slippers when you run to the corner store to pick up a candy bar when “Aunt Flo” is in town. Why glitter? Why not glitter?! Plus, they look cozy AF!
  • Fluffy Red Cardigan – Speaking of looking cozy, doesn’t this fluffy cardigan look like a soft blanket with sleeves? Well, maybe not considering that’s what a Snuggie is, but this cardigan is a lot cuter.
  • Black Wide Fit Knee High Boots – It can be hard to find cute over-the-knee boots when you have legs like a oak tree. However, the back of these boots are all elastic. I think this are a winner!
  • Joyful: The Surprising Power of Ordinary Things to Create Extraordinary Happiness – I’m a legit happy person for the most part. Being happy is one of my favorite characteristics and you can never have too much happiness. I’ve read some great reviews about this book and it sounds like a book I would write. So, I need to read this. Right?!

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