LUST-HAVE LIST: December 2020

Lust-Have List: December 2020


It’s December, which means 2020 is finally coming to the end. Although this memorable – good and bad – year is finally ending, it doesn’t mean that it’s taking all the “bad” with it. The past few days, I’ve been seeing memes saying that 2020 helped us appreciate the things that we have. Even the message in church this weekend was about how 2020 was a good year for many some people.

So, although we’re still going through some turbulent and unsettling times, I’m focusing more on the good. My family and myself was blessed to not get affected by the pandemic, except for not being able to see each other as much as we used to. However, still being mindful and concerned that others haven’t been as fortunate.

I don’t really want much this month – I’ve massively cut back on my unnecessary spending. So, I’ve been leaning toward basics that I can switch around and get plenty of wear. Mindful spending is my new wave.

LUST-HAVE LIST: December 2020

  • Chunky Sole White Faux Croc Booties – I still don’t own a pair of white boots, because I didn’t feel they fit into my usual vibes. However, these chunky sole ones are doing it for me. The right mix of casual and edginess.
  • Long Shearling Plus Size Coat – After years of not wanting a long coat, because they are uncomfortable to drive in, I’ve change my mind. Loving this shearling one from ASOS, because it looks cozy and lightweight.
  • Scrunchie Apple Watch Band – I recently jumped further into the Apple pond and bought my first Apple Watch. I mostly bought it to help track my activity throughout the day. However, I’m also enjoying all the ways you can customize it. For instance, this scrunchie watchband with matching scrunchie is interesting and functional.
  • Nude Acetate Sunglasses – Another item I never got around to buying is a cute pair of nude sunglasses. Feeling these textured ones from Dezi. A vibe.
  • Large Snake Embossed Leather Tote – Despite that I mostly lean toward nude shades, a bright accessory grabs my attention every now and then. The latest culprit is this multi-color beaut. It’s roomy, structured, and colorful enough to go most everyday casual looks. Will definitely get my money’s worth.


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