Lust-Have List: January 2011

New Year, New Month, New Lust-Have List!

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m glad that the holiday season is over and I made I made it happily to a new year! Here is the list of things¬† that I’m loving and lusting for this month. Keep reading to see the list.

  • A. Dior ‘Chicago 1’ Square Frame Sunglasses, $345, Nordstrom – My round face wants a new pair of square frame sunnies and these by Dior are fabulous!
  • B. Gucci Packable Nylon Tote, $355, – I’m addicted to packable nylon shopping bags that I can throw and keep in my purse in case of unplanned shopping. I know that this bag is way too pricey and I could never see myself paying this much for a shopping bag, but the attached teddy bear is so cute!
  • C. DeLux Kitty Ears Pilot Hat, $26, – In September, I’m turning 30, which I’m okay about. However, after that, I think I’ll be too “mature” to wear animal ear anything unless its part of a costume. So, this might be the last chance I can get away with wearing theis too cute kitty ear hat. There are a pair of matching gloves, but that’s too much cutesy for anyone over the age of 11.
  • D. Baguette Bridge Ring, $29.50, Banana Republic – I got this ring for Christmas and I really loved it! Thanks Santa, you sexy bitch! However, I lost it the very next day while partaking in a very martini and margarita filled girls night out. So, I want to buy another one, because it’s so pretty!
  • E. Gwyneth Waverly Leopard Pony Hair Booties, $169.95, – Speaking of the girls night out, in between drinking games at Happy Mexican, I spotted this woman with a pair of leopard print booties paired with some skinny jeans and white tee and she looked so casually chic. Needless to say, I want a pair of leopard print booties and these would do wonders.
  • F. Cooperative Swan Dress, $149.00, Urban Outfitters – I’m so over dresses! I’ve wanted and worn so many that all I’ve been reaching for the past couple of days are jeans, leggings, and their hideous named hybrid, jeggings. However, when I saw this pretty contrast dress, I thought maybe I could squeeze myself into another dress. Speaking of squeeze, if I could find a dress that heavily resembles this one in larger sizes to squeeze all my curves and then some into, then it would definitely be a happy new year.

Stay Stylish!

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