LUST-HAVE LIST: January 2021

LUST-HAVE LIST: January 2021


Happy New Year! I know nothing has really changed from 2020, but 2021 still feels like a breath of fresh air. For most of the year, I stayed pretty calm, bu cautious. However, last month almost took me out, but I’ll share more of that on another day.

I’m trying to cut back on spending, but not as a typical “New Year Resolution” thing. Instead, I have a lot of things I’m working on that will be easier to do if I stop spending money like I sell dope. So, I’m actively trying to cut back on frivolous spending. Actually, as part of my church’s yearly 21-day fast, I’m going to fast off of unnecessary spending. It’s starts next Monday, which means I have a week to buy everything I “need” for the next 21 days. It’s a challenge I’m ready to take on.

The items in the January 2021 Lust-Have List is a perfect blend of needs, wants, pricey, and affordable options. Peep my wants for January 2021.

LUST-HAVE LIST: January 2021

  • Sherpa Trucker Jacket – Winter weather has been pretty hit and miss this year. There have been days when a heavy hoodie or jacket sufficed. This sherpa trucker jacket from Levi’s would be a great option. There was an option with a darker rinse, but this light rinse is just as perfect.
  • Pro Shine Pigment Liquid Lip Shine – I recently discovered these longwear liquid lipsticks existed. They seem similar to a Avon’s liquid lipstick, but this one has way more color options and affordable. Unfortunately, they are sold out almost everywhere, but my local Ultas appear to have some left.
  • ALT Perfumes Baccarat Inspired Perfume – Baccarat perfume smells so luxe with the price tag to prove it. However, I hear this smells exactly like it at a super affordable price. So, I need to find out.
  • Our Place Always Pan – For Christmas, I asked for and received a cast iron skillet and dutch oven. I feel like this multi-purpose pan from Out Place can do everything else that I would need for those days when I decide to cook.
  • Faux Snake Skin Mules – I can honest say that I spent most of last month wearing sweatpants and sneakers. Not mad about it, but I would like to remind people who still see me regularly that I can other options. These faux snake skin mules would be a nice entry back into heeled shoes.

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