Stained Couture’s monthly series, Lust-Have List, features items I’m wanting this month.

Lust-Have List July 2017

Welcome to July 2017! I hope July goes by a lot faster than June, because June was dragging. I feel like June lasted for at least 2 months. Maybe I feel that way, because I had to deal with a few emotional things that I wasn’t prepared to deal with. However, I’m all “New Month, Who Dis?”, because I feel rejuvenated! I think I had to go through some of those things to stir a fire in me that had died out the past couple of months. Looking back, I feel like I was overthinking a lot of my plans which led to me getting anxiety and then quitting. Not good, but I now know the error of my ways.

One thing I really want and need to do and didn’t plan is to get some braids in my hair. I haven’t had braids since junior high and that was over 20 years ago. WOW. Anyway, as usual, my hair is annoying me. Getting braids would make me have one less thing to worry about for awhile. In preparation, I’m getting my hair dyed this morning so that I won’t have to worry about my streaks of grays making an appearance. I think I might have found someone who can braid them for, but I’m going to check out one more recommendation.

Like I mentioned on Friday, I’m taking this week off from the blog. I just need to let my brain rest a little and unwind. However, ya girl will be back next week with new posts and new attitude. Ow! So, enjoy I hope you have a fun-filled Fourth of July tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your week.

For now, please keep reading to see the list of things I’m currently wanting this month and why.


  • HP Sprocket Photo Printer – It’s hard for me to justify during things that I don’t need or wouldn’t use everyday. However, I’ve been having this crazy idea to create a huge piece of art made out of tiny pictures. With this gadget, you can print small pictures right of your phone. Not to mention, this is super fun way to capture some of your summer moments.
  • Healing and Soothing Mask – For the past few months, I’ve been obsessed with the convenience and easy of sheet masks. However, while trying to use up beauty products I haven’t used in a while, I ran across my mass stash of jar masks. After using a clay one from Clarisonic, I forgot how soothing and deep cleansing jar masks can be. This mask from Mario Badescu is for really oily, problem skin. As of recent, my skin has been both of these. So, this mask is speaking to me.
  • Embroidered Dress – Every summer I buy at least one dress that loose, but with details. They are great for weekend errands run or dinner out with your GFs. This one from Forever 21 is just what I want. The embroidered details gives it an bohemian vibe.
  • Blush Lace-Up Embellished Sandal – A blush sandal can take you so many place, including this pair from Steve Madden. The lace-up design paired with the sequin detail above the toe is just the right mix or dressy casual.
  • Rafia Shopper Bag – I’m still into straw bags and I’ve been wanting a patterned rafia shopper style bag. Low and behold this one from Top Shop. It’s the perfect size to carry all of summer needs. The perfect tote for weekend excursion to the farmers market or a day at the beach. Nice!

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