Happy July! June was insane for so many reasons and most of those reasons weren’t good. As for July, I’m ready! I finally put in to take week off, which I mostly plan to do nothing. LOL However, I will be making another quick trip to Dallas for a couple of days. I’m hoping to actually spend time being a tourist this time, because the first/last time I went was June of 2020. Needless to ay, I was not interested in being around a lot of people during that time. Plus, Texas had just issued mask mandates the day I got there.

Still, I’m excited for the trip and the week of doing nothing and not stressing about what’s going on at work. In my previous position, my anxiety would not let me enjoy my days off fearing that my responsibilities weren’t being handled correctly. Now that those are no longer my responsibilities, I can actually enjoy my off days now. I have some overdue appointments and tasks that I hope to complete that week.

Keep reading to see the list of items that I’m wanting this month. 🙂


  • Framed Dinner Print – Finally about to work on my dining space and decide that I want to have a wall full of images related t eating and dining. I got the idea from this print I spotted on Society6.
  • Rare Beauty Liquid Blush in Grateful – I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Rare Beauty liquid blush. So, I’m dying to try it and this pink color looks to give a natural flushed look.
  • Strappy Clear Low Heel Sandals – It’s hard to find a strappy clear sandal that doesn’t give stripper vibes, but this pair from JustFab is perfect. Plus, I know my ankles and knees will appreciate it.
  • Plus Size Super Flared Jeans – I’ve been wanting a pair of super flared jeans, because they will work better with my straight hips. This pair from ASOS appears to be just what I want – simple and classic.
  • Affordable 6 Drawer Dresser – Recently came to the conclusion that I need a dresser. The wire shelving units in my closet aren’t as functional as I need. Love the clean design of this dress from Walmart and the price is nice, too.


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