Stained Couture’s monthly series, Lust-Have List, features items I’m wanting this month.


It’s June and I’m so anxious for this month, because I have a feeling some major things are going to happen in my life this month. Well, I’m praying for some big BIG things to move in my life this month. Even they don’t, the reason won’t be have anything to do with my grind.

Other than working my butt off, I really want to become more mindful of my feelings. Since I try to avoid conflict as much as possible, sometimes I suppress my feelings just to remove myself from any possible. Unfortunately, those feelings and thoughts can linger with me days after the conversation has ended. So, yeah, being more verbal with how people make me feel is something I’m working on for June.

Another thing I’m working on is trying to perfect my cool, relax looks for the summer. This is going to be one super hot summer and I’m just trying to look as cute as I can fighting a stream of sweat from rolling my face. Keep reading to see what items I’m coveting this month.


  • Inst-Grip Jelly Makeup Primer – Since I’ve realized that Dermablend makeup is pretty amazing, I’ve been wanting to try more from them. Theire new primer is at the top of the list. What has interested me is that it’s a jelly primer and I love the pump applicator.
  • Mamonde Deep Pore Cleanser Stick – A couple of years ago, I was obsessed with face cleansing sticks, but it’s been a while since I used. I’ve been having some congestion on my cheeks, which is caused from make-up setting up shop in my large pores. So, I’m itching to try this deep cleansing stick from the K-Beauty brand, Mamonde.
  • Melissa Papete + Rider Sandals – Ever since I saw Derria of What Would Derria Wear these sandals in yellow and neon orange, I’ve been obsessed with them. Unfortunately, I can’t find them in my size in that color combo. I’m still looking, but I do fancy them in the white and clear vinyl colorways, too. Plus, it has a gentle trim of yellow, which I love.
  • Vinyl Shopper – I feel like I’ve been eyeing cute vinyl bags for years, but I still haven’t bought one. Maybe this vinyl shopper from Zara will break the curse. I the juxtaposition of a clean design paired with a interesting smoky pink vinyl material. Plus, I love how you can remove the strap carry it as a satchel.
  • Beyond The Stars Bun Pin – If you ever run into me on any given day, there’s a 99% chance that my hair will be in some form of a bun. So, since I can’t give up this lazy girl hairstyle, I might as well glam it up a bit. Kitsch, the online mecca of cute hair accessories, have these gorgeous bun pins. You can style that bun on the crown of your head with an accessory that looks like a crown. So adorable.

In the comment section, share one thing that you’ve been eyeing and want to get this month.

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