June might become one of my favorite months because it officially welcomes Summer on June 20th. I’m usually not hyped for summer, because I don’t like being hot. However, I spent a lot of time outside last summer and enjoyed it. Therefore, I want to see what I can enjoy it again. lol We shall see! June also begins the list of birthdays of my loved ones – my childhood bestie (10th) and oldest nephew (16th) kick it off.

As I think about it, maybe I’m not ready. I think I will be after a couple trips to the pool. As of this moment, I don’t have any plans for a summer vacation, yet. Of course, things may change and that’s a little exciting.

To be honest, I’m really craving a lazy summer of going with the flow and hopefully a nice tan and muscles. An easy, lazy summer sounds perfect and I think all the items in this month’s Lust-Have List reflect the vibe I’m aiming to have.


  • Mini Raffia Bucket Bag – I think a raffia bag is the perfect nude bag for summer. Personally, I’m obsessed with this mini raffia bag, because it’s so chic.
  • Overtone in Ginger duo – I want to add more pop to my dark copper hair without lightening it. I tried the sample size of this coloring conditioner and the results were good. It  was a small amount, but I want to try the duo to see will it give me what I envision.
  • Linen Pullover shirt – I live for a good pullover linen shirt for the summer and this one from H&M looks perfect for work or play.
  • PHLUR Missing Person – Last year, I got a sample of this perfume but decided on another scent. The scent has lingered in my heart ever since and got body spray that smells just like it. So, now I feel like I need the perfume even more now.
  • Flat Hoop Earrings – I’m getting into my slick hair bun era and these flat hoops will compliment it so well!

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