LUST-HAVE LIST: November 2016

lust-have list november 2016

Here it is, November 1st, I’m writing the November 2016 Lust-Have List in a lightweight tee and capris. Where is Fall, already?! Don’t get me wrong, there were a few cool days in October. However, the majority of the month was unseasonable warm. It got up to 86 degrees yesterday, which was Halloween. I actually saw some trick-or-treaters wearing flip flops with their costumes. That’s not right.

All horror and cool weather wanting aside, I’m here to bring you the list of things that I’m eyeing for the month of November. It’s still very fall-sy, because it cool weather has to come and stay this month. It has to!

LUST-HAVE LIST: November 2016

  • Sam Edelman Therese Tassel Loafers – Although roughly 80% of my wardrobe is some shade of grey, I don’t have that many grey shoes. I’m swooning hardcore over these beauts from Sam Edelman. The grey is a nice cool shade that will look great in the winter and spring, too.
  • Longline Bomber – It’s been barely cool enough to shop for a light cardigan, let alone a coat. So, I have my heart set on this longline bomber jacket. Although it’s a bomber, the long and clean silhouette makes it versatile enough to wear to work or to run errands.
  • Nixon Bullet Chrono 36 watch – I need a new watch. Actually, I’ve been needing a new watch for awhile now. I thought I was over the oversize watch trend. I guess not, because this Nixon watch is so beautiful. That embossed dial print is everything!
  • Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturizer – Even though it’s not cold yet, my skin is already drying up. I recently ran out of my daytime moisturizer and I’m thinking about giving this one by Origins a shot. Origins has yet to let me down in life and this anti-aging moisturizer is formulated for combination and oily skin.
  • Power Your Happy: Work Hard, Play Hard, and Design Your Dream Life – Back in the early years of my blogging life, PopSugar was a site I would visit everyday. I’ve always impressed with their content and growth. I’ve read a few articles about Lisa Sugar, the founder of PopSugar, over the years. The articles gave a glimpse into the start of PopSugar. So, I’m assuming that Lisa’s new book will give a more in-depth look into this mega blog. I have to read this book ASAP!


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