LUST-HAVE LIST: November 2020

Lust-Have List: November 2020


After 2 long years, it looks like 2020 is finally wrapping up. There have been more than a few occasions when I mention something happened last year. However, it had only happened a few months ago, which means I don’t know if something happened this year or last year. Hopefully, this year will end on a good and optimistic note – it can’t get any worse. *shrugs*

Now that Halloween is over, it’s officially – according to social media – Christmas season. Although I don’t really decorate for Christmas, I  love to see house decorated and littered with Christmas cheer. I have a feeling that a lot more people are going to get in the holiday spirit this year and I don’t mind.

Every year I do holiday gift guides, but I’m not sure if I’m going to this year. It doesn’t feel right with the current climate. If I do, they will affordable and all under a certain price. Still playing it by ear. In the meantime, here are few items I want/need for this month.

LUST-HAVE LIST: November 2020

  • Dispora Face Masks – Initially, I vowed to only stick with all black face masks. However, now I want them in various prints and colors. I love these dispora printed mask – all of them.
  • Grape Water Spray – The temps are dipping, which means my skin needs extra hydration. Face sprays are really good at doing this. I’m fancying this fancy grape water spray from Caudalie.
  • Oversize Plus Size Tie Dyed Sweatshirt – Tie dye was huger during the lock down – I attempted to tie-dye some tees. I’m not ready to let the trend of dye die. An oversize tie dye sweatshirt? All the yeses.
  • Fluffy Faux Fur Slippers – Another trend during the lock down was everyone ordering fluffy slippers from Amazon. I didn’t bite it, but I’m ready for them now. Loving the extra fluffiness of these.
  • Cast Iron Skillet – I need a cast iron skillet. Initially, I was going to ask for one for Christmas, but think I’ll just go ahead and get it myself. This is just the right size and quite affordable.


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