LUST-HAVE LIST: November 2021

LUST-HAVE LIST: November 2021


Well, it’s November and that still feels wrong! It really feels like July was a couple of weeks ago, but it’s about to be a whole new year in less than 2 months. Although it feels weird, I’m ready for the holiday cheer. Like I mentioned before, this year is going to be a redo for last year’s “stress fest” that was my life in December 2020.

To prep myself for the holidays, I’ve decided to dedicate the next 2 weeks to some pre-holiday self-care. However, this self-care involves handling some adult business *coughs “IRS”* and adding some more vibes to my everyday space before tossing Christmas all over the place. Speaking of, after much consideration, I have decided to buy a Christmas tree this year. Ever since I moved out out the house my sister and I shared a few years, I never bought a tree. I usually go to other’s homes to give and open gifts, which made getting a tree seem unnecessary.

However, I want a tree this year because it’s the epicenter of Christmas decorations and I’m excited to decorate. I haven’t decide the color theme or even how tall of a tree I want, but it’s happening. Oh, and it will be artificial, because my life isn’t set up to maintain a real tree. Let me master a fiddle leaf first and then we will talk about a fresh tree in my living room.

I think the list of items on my November Lust-Have List is a perfect blend of cozy, but adult vibes. Check out the details below.

LUST-HAVE LIST: November 2021

  • Plus Size Tailored Camel Coat – I need a camel coat, because they are great to dress up or down. Plus, I’m loving the cuffs on this one from ASOS.
  • Dior Red Velvet Lipstick – I can never have too many red lipsticks, but this red velvet finish lipstick from Dior will put me at peak rich auntie mode.
  • Retinol and Dark Spot Treatment – Too many breakouts over the summer left some scars. They’ve been fading, but I would like to give this a try.
  • Plaid Thermal Set – It’s gotten cold already here in Memphis. So, I’m ready to start throwing some thermals on when I get home from work. Old Navy for the win,
  • Happy Face Slippers and Socks – First spotted these slippers on TikTok earlier this year and thought they were cute. Now, I’m obsessed and need them.


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