Make-Up Brush Cleaners

One of my biggest struggles in life is definitely cleaning my make-up brushes. #TheStruggleIsReal

In my opinion, cleaning my make-up brushes is on the same level as cleaning my bathroom and getting my car maintenance: It’s a horrible chore, but I’m relieved when it’s all over.

Still, depending on the number of make-up brushes you have and how often you use them, this simple task can become very tedious. Also, you should take in mind your skin. If you have sensitive and/or prone to breakout, you might be more mindful of how clean your brushes are to use.

So, let’s begin at the basics of make-up brush cleaning.

How Often?

I have seen some “experts” say that you clean your make-up brushes at least once a month. Like I mentioned before, this is not the case for all and shouldn’t be, to be honest. When you use your make-up brushes, the intention is to apply make-up to your face. However, in the process, you are also transferring oils from your skin onto your brush..the same brush you will more than likely use the next day. This is very prevalent in brushes to apply face powders and powder brushes. The leftover powder on your brush can absorb the oils from your face and/or foundation and reside on your brush until you clean it. Kind of gross when you actually think about it, huh?


So, it would be awesome to was your brushes everyday. However, if your life is like mine, then everyday is not ideal or realistic. Therefore, you should look into spray brush cleaners. One of my favorites is Japonesque Makeup Brush Cleaner, which is very gentle on the brushes while also cleaning, conditioning, and disinfecting. Once you’re done using your brush, spray a couple of pumps of the cleanser on the bristles, twirl it on clean napkin or tissue and let it air dry and ready to use again the next day and or stretch you until you are ready to deep cleanse it.

How To Deep Cleanse Make-Up Brushes

There are a lot of products, tools, and methods out there to help you deep clean your brushes. Since I don’t use that much make-up nor wear it everyday and use the Japonesque spray, I tend to deep clean my make-up brushes every other week.


When I do deep clean my brushes, the first thing I do is use a product to help break up all the make-up and oils deep within the brush. You can easily do this by massaging your brushes with a little olive oil, which works just as fine as most brush cleaners while also conditioning the bristles. However, to make sure my brushes are thoroughly clean, I’ve been using the solid blendercleanser by beautyblender. Not only only is it awesome at cleaning your beautyblender and other make-up sponges, but also your make-up brushes. All you have to do is wet your brush/sponge, swirl it a couple of times on the soap to create a lather, rinse, squeeze, and let air dry on the grid that comes with the cleaner. You can also use the drying grid to deep by placing it on top of the soap first and then swiping your brush back and forth to create a super lather. Definitely has been one of my favorite purchases in the past couple of months.


Although I do love the blendercleanser, I mostly use it for my sponges and the Japonesque spray cleaner to prepare them for the next time I apply make-up. However, there are times when I forget or use a brush for multiple uses or heavy product (i.e. foundation) and feel like the spray cleaner isn’t enough. So, I breakout the big gun: Cinema Secrets Make-Up Brush Cleaner.

This brush cleaner is a professional grade cleaner that I first heard about from make-up artist Priscilla Ono on her Snapchat. What is so awesome about this cleanser is not only does it clean the crap out of your brushes, conditions, and deodorizes, but it is a quick dry formula. Depending on the brush and how much cleanser you use, your brush will be dry in a matter of minutes. MINUTES!

If I could only buy and use one make-up brush cleanser for the rest of my life, this would be it. No doubt.

How often do you clean your make-up brushes and what products and tips do you use? Share below!

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