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Face masks have been having an awesome couple of years. I must say, I play a very small part in the boom, because I’ve started quite the collection of various face masks over the past few months. I have a certain mask that I break out for those all over oily days, I have another mask when I feel the need to detoxify my skin, and countless of other masks that are designed for anti-aging, large pores, and calming of the skin.

Needless to say, I love face masks and try to use them as much as I can. There is just something so luxe about slathering your face with a nice and soothing mask….or masks.

Yes, wearing multiple masks (multi-masking) is one of the ‘it’ things to do when pampering your skin and has been for the past year. So, it’s safe to say that multi-masking is here to stay.

Here’s more about this customizable skincare process.

Benefits of Multi-Masking

Most people have multiple problems with different areas of their face. Personally, my t-zone and chin area is very oily, my cheek areas have enlarged pores, and my nose has a tendency to have occasional blackheads. So, I use a little bit of a different mask for each area. No need to waste product (and money) designed to oily skin on dry areas of your skin. Designated certain products will help you focus on multiple areas at the same time. Luckily, most masks require you to keep them on your face for the same amount time, which is usually between 15-25 minutes.

Easy Way To Multi-Mask

Since face masks and multi-masking are booming, a lot of skincare lines have caught on to creating and selling kits with various masks for different areas and/or treatments. So, if you are interested in trying multi-masking, I suggest you try one of these kits that contain different types of mask. That way, you can customize your mask without having to buy more than you need and/or discover, which products work for you and what doesn’t.

Multi-Masking Products to Try:


Happy Multi-Masking!

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