Sandal Season Nail Polishes of My Choice

Here we are, smack dab in the middle of sandal season, which lasts from mid-March to late-August or early September. Of course, this is debatable depending on your location and personal level of IDGAF attitude. Another thing that’s debatable is what nail polish color should be worn with sandals. Personally, I think you can and should wear any color you want or no polish at all. However, I tend to only switch between 3-4 different polish option.

Sandal Season Nail Polishes | STAINED COUTURE

Keep reading to see what my go-to, must-have nail polish colors for sandal season.

I’m a firm believer of needing a “neon moment” frequently in the summer. Although I’m always down for a neon accessory, I live for neon pedicures. They are easy and fun, which is my summer aesthetic. Plus, they look so good with tanned skin; no matter your complexion. Neon pink and highlighter yellow are my fav neon polishes. Urban Outfitters neon polishes are my fav, because they are opaque. It’s hard to find a neon polish that’s not thin and require you to put a white base coat on first.

A true red nail polish is forever a classic shade, but I like a warmer version in the warmer months. A red-orange nail polish is my happy medium between bright and classic. A good red-orange that only takes two coats to achieve the color the bottle displays is Revlon’s ‘Get Lucky’. It’s more red than orange and looks florescent in the right sunlight. Heads up, this polish chips within 1-2 days unless you have a good topcoat.

White nail polish has been the reigning champion of sandal season for the past 3 or years. So much so, that’s it’s now considered basic, but it’s still a lot of people’s go-to choice. Actually, I started wearing white polish 10 years ago, before it was trendy. So…I may have been way ahead of the curve. Still, it’s a good choice when you want something clean and goes with everything.

I know a lot of people could care less what others think of white nail polish, because they are still going to rock it. I can’t knock them, because that’s exactly how I feel about french manicure. Some think french manicures and pedicures are tacky, but I DON’T CARE! It’s my go-to when I don’t want to be bothered with picking out a color. Plus, it looks good all spring and summer.

However, if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of your nail polish clashing with your outfits, there’s always nude polish. Either way, do you, boo!

What’s you favorite nail polish colors to rock during sandal season? Share below!

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