Natural Skincare Routine

natural skincare routine

When my combo/oily skin is acting up by having random breakouts or just feeling and looking “under the weather”, I push aside my strong and almost medicinal strength skincare products and reach for more gentle and natural products.

I pretty much baby my skin when it flares up. Since I’ve cut back on certain types of food such as dairy, sugar, and red meat, my skin hasn’t been very problematic. However, for the times it has, I nurture it by only using natural and chemical free products. Usually, my gentle natural skincare routine clears my skin in the matter of 1-2 days, which is great!

Here are the natural products I currently reach for when I want to calm my skin from a breakout.

Natural Skincare Routine:

natural skincare routine

When my skin is really breaking out, I avoid wearing any make-up. Even though there are natural beauty products out there, I would much rather just refrain from putting anything else on my skin that could potentially clog my pores and aggravate my skin any more. The most I will wear is mascara and maybe fill my brows in. So, in order to remove those products, I use a little bit of coconut oil to gently loosen the mascara and brow products to gently wipe it away with a cotton round. Coconut oil is this best!

To cleanse my skin, I use MaaDisha Neem Enriched Soap5. Although it’s great for chronic dry skin and eczema, which I have neither, it’s also antibacterial. So, it’s great for scaring away bacteria that might want to rest in your pores and create an acne garden. This soap is gentle, calming, and cruelty-free. All winners.

After cleansing face, if needed, I follow it by swiping my skin with a cotton ball soaked with witch hazel to tone my skin.It’s great to catch and remaining dirt on my skin, but also to calm, soothe, and prep my skin for my moisturizer.

Yes, you can’t skip the moisturizer.  I gently rub a couple of drops of Acure Organics marula oil into my skin, which is very light in hydrating. Therefore, I can use it day and night. If my skin is feeling a little dry, I will use a little coconut oil, instead.

I recommend, no matter your skin type, that everyone develops their own natural skincare routine. It might take a minute to find the right cleanser and moisturizer, but it’s worth experimenting.

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