New Beauty Products To Try This Summer

Currently, I’m still going through my phase of saving more money while spending less money. So far, so good. This new personal challenge involves every aspect of my life, including my beauty products. With the exclusion of mandatory needs such as shampoo, I haven’t bought any new make-up and beauty products in a minute. However, there are so many new beauty products out there that I’m low-key dying to try.

new beauty products to try summer 2017

Although, at times, I want to try everything, I have to be a good girl. So, I’ve broken it down to 5  beauty products that recently came out or are coming out soon that I’m dying to try. Keep reading to see the ones that made the cut.

devacurl deep sea repair

In the summer, I rock my natural curls 90% of the time, because of a couple of reason. The first reason is because it’s too hot to flatiron all of my thick, curly hair. The other reason is that it’s a waste of time to flatiron it since the humidity kills it the second I step outside. So, summer is curly hair season for me and DevaCurl is preparing to release 2 new products just in time. The first product is the DevaCurl Deep Sea Repair Mask, which is formulated to strengthen curls weakened from heat styling and chemical damage. This is on my list, because my hair isn’t as strong as it used to be from color-treating my hair. So, I’m really interested in this one.

My thick, curly hair is always looking for products to add moisture to it’s dry strands.  DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture is supposed to help condition and moisturize, which is just I need. Also, it contains the hottest trend of the moment; matcha. Matcha is apparently the new coconut oil, because everyone is putting it in everything. However, there’s no exact date as to when these items will be release. Hopefully, it will be sooner rather than later, because my curls need them.

mixed chicks foundation stick

Speaking of curly hair products, Mixed Chicks makes one of my favorite leave-ins for curly hair. However, the new product from them I want to try isn’t for hair, but for the face. Did ya’ll know that Mixed Chicks offers makeup now?! Well, they do, which includes their Mixed Chicks In The Mix foundation stick. Yes, a foundation stick, but not just a foundation stick. This stick has foundation on one end and a bronzer on the other end. I love compact and travel-friendly makeup. The foundation stick comes in 5 different shades that are apparently full coverage with a silky texture. Intriguing.

Apparently, I can’t get enough of The Ordinary products and they can’t get enough of releasing new products. I’m not complaining, because I’ve yet to try a product from them that I didn’t love. My wallet also loves them, because their prices are amazing. The new product I want to try from them is The Ordinary. AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution which is an exfoliating mask. It’s not new new, but it’s new to me and the reviews for this sold me instantly.

In the summer, I hardly wear any makeup. If I do, maybe a little foundation dusted with a light setting powder. Also, I tap a deep peachy pink blush on the apples of my cheeks for a natural glow. Recently, Benefit Cosmetics released a new blush called GALifornia Blush and it’s the perfect pinky gold hue shade that’s perfect for summer. I think this blush would amazing over tanned skin.

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