New Makeup Purchases I Want To Share

I feel like crap. I’m so sick of food and I have the nausea to prove it. However, I did do some holiday shopping over the weekend and got through with almost everyone on my list. To help soften the blow of seeing my bank account get depleted to swiftly, I picked up a few pieces of new makeup. Fortunate for me and my budget, these pieces weren’t too pricey and I’m loving them so far.

New Makeup Purchases

Keep reading to see what makeup products I purchased recently and why I’m loving them.

For the past few months, I’ve been on the hunt for a new lip tint pen. Surprisingly, it’s been a daunting task, because a lot of brands don’t make them anymore. I used to buy NYC New York Color’s Lip Tint pen in Persistent Pink, but I believe it’s been discontinued based on the price it’s going on Amazon. I love lip tint markers, because they easily give a natural shade of color to your lips. Also, they are clutch on no-makeup days to add some life to your face.

Last week, while trying to hurry out of Target, I notices that ELF still sells lip stain markers. So, I picked up the one ‘Berry Blush’ which gives the perfect hint of deep berry stained lips. Unfortunately, ELF only has this product in three shades. However, they are all shades that give you the look of gently bitten lips or that you just had an intense make out session.

The next 2 products actually came from a Soap & Glory Flatter Box gift set that I purchased at Walgreens as a potential gift for someone. Although this would’ve made a great impromptu gift for someone, I couldn’t help myself. I’ve tried Soap & Glory bath products before, but never their makeup. The two products that I instantly fell for was the Thick and Fast mascara and the Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss in Plums Up.

Soap & Glory’s Thick and Fast mascara is a collagen coat mascara that made my lashes look thick and voluminous. It only took me a couple of coats to get to the plush looking lashes I desired. Seriously, what else could I want from a mascara?!

I haven’t tried or had the desire to try a lip plumping product in years, mainly because my lips are already a little full. Not to mention, most lip plumping products feel more like a burning sensation than a tingling sensation. Thankfully, this gloss is tingles and didn’t make me feel like my lips were on fire. Although I didn’t see a real noticeable change in the fullness of my lips, it does add a nice glossy nude to my lips. Plus, this shade compliments most complexions and looks great when topped over my new lip stain.

Did you any new makeup products recently that you’ve been loving? Share below!

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