Nightly Moisturizing Routine for Dry Skin

Currently, I’m missing the days when I would complain that my skin was oily and could use a lotion to hydrate my face. Take it, that my skin was horrible back then and I didn’t know no better, but still – I miss it. Now my skin is more normal, which I never thought that I would describe my skin as normal. Yet, here we are. However, now that it’s getting colder in my apartment at night, I’ve had to up my moisturizer game. Yes, your girl now uses THREE different moisturizers in her nightly skincare routine. I have a moisturizing routine for dry skin in my nightly routine.

Moiturizing Skincare Routine for Dry Skin | STAINED COUTURE

Since the weather hasn’t gone 24/7 cold, there are still times of the day when it gets unusually warm. Therefore, I haven’t added a moisturizing cleanser to my arsenal, yet. So, I might I lose one of these moisturizers in the next month or two. For now, this 3-step moisturizing routine has been saving me from having a dry, flaky face.

The first moisturizer I use has been my holy grail face moisturizer for the past few months – Good Skin Scar Cream. I totally believe this moisturizer is the reason my skin has been looking it’s best lately. Actually, when I ran out for a few weeks, my skin started to look less hydrated and smooth. Plus, my makeup started to look dry again. Now that I’ve been using it daily again, my skin looks and feels a lot healthier.

When applying your skincare, they say to start with the thinner products first, such as serums and oils. However, with moisturizers, I like to flip that. Instead, I start with the creamy/heavier face creams and proceed to the thinner moisturizers. So, after my skin sucks up the cream, I move on the 2 oils.

The first oil I apply is Accure Seriously Soothing Night Oil, which makes my skin feel so refreshed. This night oil is great for most skin types – normal to sensitive. After warming it in my hands, I pat it into my skin to heal seal in the Good Skin cream. This oil is so nourishing that I could use it alone if my skin felt normal and didn’t need extra moisture. So, I this oil is good enough to use all year.

The final oil I use is the Shea Moisture Pumpkin Seed oil that I’ve been obsessed with for the past month. Initially, I used this oil as my nighttime face oil, but now I dab a drop under my eyes and my on my lip after lip basting.

Every since I’ve been doing this exaggerated routine, I’ve been waking up to glowing skin. Plus, my makeup (when I wear it) has been flawless. If your skin gets a little drier around this time of year, maybe you should add one or two more moisturizers to your nightly routine.

If you have dry skin, what moisturizer do you use in your routine for dry skin?

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