Nightly Lip Care Routine f/ Lip Basting

Despite me trying to relax a little on only using the same products in my skincare routines, I still found a way to create a new routine within the routines. Case in point, my new found addiction to my nightly lip care routine. Yes, I’ve reached a new level in my skin care routine and created one solely for my lips. However, I soon realized that this was LONG overdue.

Nightly Lip Care Routine | STAINED COUTURE

I used to be like most people and just add a lip balm at night and/or rub my moisturizer over my lips while slathering and rubbing it around my face. It was one-step routine that seemed to do the job. Now? Oh, well, the winter has been going in on my lips. Flaky. Peeling. All of the adjectives you don’t want associated with your lips. So, I’ve added a few more steps and they have been exactly what my lips have been needing. Keep reading to see how I elevated my lip care to help me wake up to soft, smooth, and supple lips.

After I cleanse my face and do my skincare routine, I proceed with my lip care routine. I played around with when I would actually did my lip care routine. I tried to do it after cleansing and before apply serums and moisturizers. In the end, I decide to do it after I completed my entire skincare routine. It is the cherry on top and night cap.

So, once my skin has been cleansed, toned, and treated, I move on to my lips. The first thing I use is Revlon’s Kiss Exfoliating Lip Balm, which exfoliates and buffs any dry skin from my lips. After applying one layer, I rub my lips together until I feel the scrub melt into my lips.

Next, I take a tiny drop of face oil and pat it into my lips to soften and moisturize. I’ve been switching between a brightening face oil from Rata & Co. and No. 7 Youthful Replenishing Facial Oil for extra moisture. In the future, I might skip this step in the warmer months. However, it’s a necessary need for extra moisture in the winter.

My final and favorite step in my nightly lip care routine is slathering a thick, opaque layer of ointment on your lips. This technique is also known as lip basting, which helps treat dry lips. After applying the ointment, you let it seep into your lips while carrying on with life. I usually tidy up my bedroom, read a little, or scroll aimlessly on IG before I fall asleep while I lip baste. I switch between a few products when lip basting, which includes Aquaphor, Weleda Skin Food, or good ol’ Vaseline. It’s just one extra EXTRA step that I might not need, but it makes me feel just a little more accomplished.

Do you include a lip care routine in your nightly skincare routine? Share below!

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