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I prefer cold weather over hot weather, any day. Therefore, I’m an outerwear girl and every year I tend to get stuck on a style of jacket or coat. This year is no different, because I’ve become obsessed with nylon bomber jackets.

This retro staple from the 90s has been slowly going under the radar. However, I think it has officially gone from nice to necessary.

I’ve found a few styles that range from oversize, boyfriend fit to feminine silhouettes and shades. Keep reading to see some options to get you on board the shiny bomber jacket train.


I’m loving the shade of green from this MA1 Bomber Jacket from TopShop.


Every few years, the iconic and 80s retro vibe Member’s Only bomber jackets make a comeback. This peach MO jacket adds a feminine touch to this sometimes masculine silhouette.

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Even though I’m not really a ‘print girl’, I’m kinda feeling this muted floral print bomber from Obey. Would be a great piece to own for those chilly spring days.

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Want a feminine fit without the girly look of peach and florals? The shrunken fit of the classic flight bomber is perfect, Plus, it’s available in black, navy, and burgundy and available in Plus Sizes.


If you love the look and style of the nylon bomber jacket, but would prefer something a little thicker,  this longer and thicker version of the nylon bomber should keep your chic and warm all winter.

*Main Image Source:katebackdrop


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