NYX Products That Haven’t Let Me Down

For the past couple of months, I’ve been wanting to downsize my makeup collection. Ideally, I want curated collection that only features staple, everyday products. I’m about 90% there, but I need to tackle my lip products. Ugh, I’m not looking forward to that, but it has to be done. During this process I rediscovered products from some brands that have had my back for awhile, which includes NYX products.

fav nyx products

Now, I don’t own a lot of NYX products, but the ones I do are amazing and would buy over and over again. Keep reading to the see the products from NYX that have yet to let me down.

I have to start this list with NYX lip pencils, because they are my G.O.A.T (greatest of all time) lip pencils. Personally, I prefer to color my lips in lip pencils instead of lipsticks for a matte look. NYX lip pencils come in what feels like thousands of shades and are easy to apply. Plus, they stay on for most of the day. Currently, I’m obsessed with their Suede lip pencil in Cannes. It gives the me a perfect matte nude lip for my complexion, without the look of dry lips. That’s the keep to for a proper nude, matte lip, FYI.

The next NYX product is the shape and tame brow pomade, which I’ve gab about before. However, it’s still one of my go-to brow products, especially when I need a little help shaping my brows. Plus, it tends to stay on all day and easy to remove with a little eye makeup remover.

Although I’m not really into lip glosses anymore, NYX butter glosses are my favorite. They have the right amount of thickness and shine so you don’t have to worry about it immediately melting away. The NYX lip butter in creme brulee is a classic nude pink that compliments all, in my opinion. If you can only get one NYX gloss, get it in creme brulee. You’re welcome.

A good potted concealer can be hard to come by. However, NYX’s full coverage concealer is pretty good. It’s still one of my favorite drugstore concealers. It’s a keeper.

My fat, round face craves for a good matte bronzer to add some definition. I’ve been using and fawning over this NYX matte bronzer for the past few weeks. This bronzer is the right amount of matte and deep shade. Most importantly, it doesn’t make me look ashy or like I have dry mud on my face, which are both concerns for melanin skin.

If you have a favorite NYX product, share it with the class below.

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